Shakespeare’s riveting drama tells the story of the leader Julius Caesar, who is murdered by those he trusts – a murder that his closest ally, Mark Antony, is unable to stop. This timeless story, in a modern-day setting, is about the human drive to get and hold on to power – and how order and good government can turn to chaos when personal ambition is unchecked.  Julius Caesar is powerfully connected to our world’s political landscape, with its fractured integrity, and it raises profound questions for us all.
Creative Team:
Directed by Cherissa Richards
Apprentice Director: Angelica Schwartz
Set Designer: Pam Johnson
Costume Designer: Jessica Oostergo
Lighting Designer: Gerald King
Sound Designer: Kate De Lorme
Assistant Set Designer: Ryan Cormack
Assistant Lighting Designer: Hina Nishioka
Video Designer: Candelario Andrade
Associate SoundDesigner: Vanessa Lefan Yuen
Assistant Costume Designer: Oriana Camporese
Production Dramaturg: Stephen Drover
Head Voice & Text Coach: AlisonMathews
Choreographer/Fight Director: Jonathan Hawley-Purvis
Assistant Fight Director: SamJeffery
Intimacy Director: Melanie Yeats
Production StageManager: Joanne P.B.Smith
Assistant Stage Manager: Jennifer Stewart
Apprentice Stage Manager: Yuting Yue
Henry Beasley, Scott Bellis, Sharon Crandall, Oscar Derkx, Ben Elliot, Olivia Hutt, Alexandra Lainfiesta, Jennifer Lines, Matthew MacDonald-Bain, Andrew McNee, Naomi Ngebulana, Evan Rein, Chelsea Rose, Emma Slipp, Marko Walker-Ng, Andrew Wheeler, and Sally Zori.
Understudies: Jennifer Copping, Andrew Cownden, and Matthew Ip Shaw.
Photos by Tim Matheson

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